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 Mountain biker in a Bella Vista forest trail


Tucked away in the Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas, Bella Vista is a premier recreational community offering seven golf courses, stocked private lakes, swimming pools, miles of hiking and biking trails for all levels, parks, picnic areas and much more.

Bella Vista was previously known as an affluent retirement community. However, recent growth of the city has diversified it with young couples and families making it a premier location for all life stages. Recent honors include one of the Top 25 best places for affordable homes by and Money Magazine and one of America’s Top 10 Best Places to Retire by U.S. News & World Report.

Bella Vista provides its community with the highest level of quality and value for the entire family. Visitors are welcome and encouraged to explore the many activities and amenities in Bella Vista. Many activities and events are available for use at any time, including the multi-use trails for mountain biking or hiking, while others require special use fees.

Visitors may contact the Bella Vista Property Owners Association for additional information. The Bella Vista website is managed by the Bella Vista Advertising and Promotion Commission. The commission’s purpose is to facilitate and promote tourism in the city. Funding for such promotion is based on tax collection of lodging and prepared food item sales. The commission consists of seven members, serving a four-year term. The commission typically meets the third Thursday of each month at 2:30 p.m. at City Hall and is open to the public.


Can I ride any bike on Bella Vista Trails?

Probably not. The Bella Vista trails are single track, well engineered trails, but the natural terrain is pretty rocky and cherty. A street bike is going to have a lot of tire troubles on any of NWA single track trails. There is a paved, skinny tire friendly 37.6 mile Razorback Greenway Trail that runs from the Bella Vista Trail in North Bentonville through Bentonville, Rogers, Fayetteville, and more. The far northern section through Bella Vista will open soon.

In addition to a bike designed for off-road mountain-biking, you will need additional safety gear. Even on beginner an intermediate trails, it's a lot different than road riding. There are sources of expert advice on how to outfit yourself and your bike for NWA mountain bike riding. Local bike shops are familiar with NWA trails and can be trusted to give you good advice. If you aren't sure mountain biking is for you, you can rent a mountain bike that will give you a fair and successful experience before investing in a bike of your own.


Where are the local bike shops? Where can I rent a mountain bike?

Here are three that are familiar with the Bella Vista trails. All three rent and repair bikes. Mojo Cycling and Phat Tire Bike Shop are both located in nearby Bentonville. They sell bikes and gear. Johan's Bike Shop is a smaller more customized shop located in Bella Vista. He specializes in repair, maintenance, and building custom bikes.

Bison Bikes

Mojo Cycling

Phat Tires

Johan's Bike Shop


Bella Vista trails seem made for mountain bikers? Where can we hike?

All Bella Vista trails are multi-use trails except for Tanyard Creek, which is for pedestrians only. Dogs are allowed, but must be on a leash.

Bikers and hikers share the rest of the 100 miles of trail system. The system has engineered trails for all levels of bikers and hikers, from beginner to advanced in either mode.

Courtesy and safety on the trails.

While Bella Vista trails are multi-use trails, they are of varying widths and elevations. Most are two way trails and you may encounter both bikers and hikers on the trail. It's largely about common sense that will keep everybody safe and free to experience the trail and nature however makes them happy. The exception to two way trails are several gravity session experiences--which are designed for downhill thrills with a single uphill return to the top.

Heads up. Especially for those who have stopped and have heads down to take a photograph of a scenic view or identify a native flower. For those of you focused on something other than the trail, step aside if possible in order to let other trail users pass by.

Common Sense

Most traffic rules are based in common "safety" sense. When hiking with others, be prepared to step quickly into single file allowing others to pass.

When you're going downhill on narrow path, yield to uphill traffic. It takes more energy to go uphill than down. If passing another hiker, call out "on your left" and do so. Biker's will do the same. If you are being passed, it makes sense to pause, step to the right and wait a moment.

Although mountain bikers are supposed to yield to hikers, it's better to be safe than right. Many of the Bella Vista trails are designed for speed. Don't be caught surprised to find a trio of three mountain bikers swooping one after another down the narrow path. Be alert especially on curves with less visibility through the foliage and be prepared to step aside. You will likely be able to hear the wheels turning, but it takes a great deal of concentration on the part of the biker to maneuver the bike at speed over the trail and between the trees. And in spite of the visible bravado, bikers come with varying levels of skill and experience.

Please be extra vigilant when hiking with children. Help them understand the appropriate etiquette and safety, but since they don't have experience with driving a car, the whole passing on the left habit is not ingrained.

In some situations hikers and bikers will have to share the road with automobiles. Extra courtesy and attention is demanded here. In spite of being in a huge area Ozark forest, Bella Vista is a residential community. It is the through the generosity of Bella Vista residents, many of whom have given the trail access to cut through their private property, that the trails exist and are available without cost to the public. This is another "better safe than sorry" recommendation. It is easier for you to see a big car or school bus coming around the corner than for them to see you shoot unexpectedly out of the forest. When you are walking or biking on the the street, follow standard traffic rules. For hikers, that means walk single file on the left side watching approaching traffic.  


Stay on trail within reason. We encourage exploration, but have respect for the surrounding wildlife and plants. They are a large part of what makes spending time on Bella Vista trails worthwhile.

Maintaining 100 miles of trails in Bella Vista falls, in large part, to volunteers. This team of mountain bikers and residents are kept busy removing fallen trees, branches, and natural forest debris after rain, wind, storm. Use of the trails is free and there is no janitorial service.  As the saying goes, leave only footprints--or fat-tire-tracks and a little rubber.


Are there any mountain biking trails?

There are many mountain biking trails for beginners to experts. The trails range from 1- 40 miles with two mountain biking trail systems--The Back 40 and the more recently opened Little Sugar.

You can check out more information here.


We are staying in an Airbnb. Can we ship our bikes?

You can ship your bike to a local bike shop using Bike Flights.

Real Estate

I've got a question. Who can I talk to?

The Bella Vista Advertising & Promotion Commission operates and the Discover Bella Vista Facebook and Instagram pages.

The A&P Commission does not maintain a brick and mortar office. It does have a small staff who can be reached at Leave the topic of your question, contact information, and the best way and time to reach you and we'll be happy to help.

The Bella Vista A&P Commission is a separate entity and operates independently from the City of Bella Vista.

Real Estate

Looking for property in Bella Vista.

The Bella Vista Property Owners Association sells two types of lots. Membership lots and Buildable Lots. Membership lots are not buildable because of the location, terrain, or size, but they do afford membership privileges. Buildable lots are lots that would likely be buildable if they were found to be suitable to your  concept in size, topography, soil, and other factors.

Discover Bella Vista is charged with promoting Bella Vista as a tourism destination and has no knowledge of property availability or building requirements.

Real Estate

Relocating to Bella Vista

Discover Bella Vista's charge is to promote Bella Vista as a tourism destination. If you are interested in Bella Vista as a prospective resident, we recommend you contact one of the Bella Vista sources with in-depth information about "living in Bella Vista."

Bella Visitors Ambassadors

Contact: Ralph Peterson, President

479- 855-6308

These are volunteer ambassador families who will make an appointment to meet with your and answer your questions about living in Bella Vista. Ralph coordinates scheduling.

Property Owners Association

The Property Owner's Association, known in Bella Vista as the POA, manages all of the amenities on behalf of the members in Bella Vista. Most of the residents of BV are members of the POA and pay fees to maintain the amenities. The only POA managed amenities that are completely open to the general public without POA fees and policies are extensive trail systems.

The best way to get your bearings in navigating POA amenities is through it's website.

Vacation Rentals

There are no hotels or motels in Bella Vista. There are over 200 vacation rentals in Bella Vista. The best way to get a sense of what it would be like to live in Bella Vista would be to select a vacation rental that has some of the features you would like in a home of your own. There are rentals close to the golf courses. There are rentals within feet of the mountain bike trail system. There are rentals on the lakes. There are rentals with docks. Staying in a motel in an adjacent town will give you a 20-30 minute commute and you'll miss the sunrise and sunsets, which is one of the best amenities in Bella Vista.


Ask your host for guest cards for everyone in your party. This will give you access to private amenities that are not available to the general public. In some cases there are fees involved. The advantage is that you will experience first hand what being a resident of Bella Vista and a member of this recreation community would be like.


Where do I send my taxes?

Bella Vista A&P Commission

PO Box 5003

Bella Vista, AR 72714

Include the tax report form for lodging or food with your check.

Please send a report form for each month you are reporting. It is okay to send a check that combines more than one month.

There is a 5% penalty for remitting your payment after the 20th of the following month.

Please contact if you have further questions.


Can I pay my taxes electronically?

Currently, the A&P Commission is not set up to receive payments electronically. Most banks have a bill paying service. It is acceptable to file your tax report and send a check from your bank separately.

The A&P mailing address is

PO Box 5003

Bella Vista, AR 72714

Mountain biker in a Bella Vista forest trail
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