Where to buy food and drink in Bella Vista


Bella Vista has two full-service grocery stores where you will find fresh meat and produce—and beverages for stocking your weekend pantry, entertaining the crew, and fueling your saddlebags for the ride.

Allen’s Food Market

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Allen’s has been Bella Vista’s neighborhood market for 20 years. It prides itself on making your grocery experience a clean shop. Fun and easy. Old fashioned hospitality in a fully-stocked market.

At Allen’s you’ll find fresh meat without additives or preservatives and a real live butcher to cut it how you want it cut; farm-fresh fruits and vegetables—always fresh and of the highest quality, sourced from local farmers where possible; a deli/bakery stocked with imported and local cheeses, quality cold cuts; a wide assortment of organic and natural foods; and locally baked bread from the Stone Mill Bread Company of Fayetteville. If you time it right, you’ll catch the unbeatable aroma of freshly baked bread and cookies fills the store every weekday.

In deference to the young staff providing the carryout service on which this old-fashioned market prides itself, Allen’s does not sell alcohol. Hey, no worries. Situation doesn’t even warrant a blue square. Bella Vista Wine & Spirit is just down the street. The liquor store has a drive through window.


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The newly remodeled, conveniently located, 100 % employee owned grocery store welcomes mountain bikers. Harps features fresh, quality food to stock your saddlebag or your weekend pantry.

Harps takes pride in the deli and offer a wide range of acclaimed favorites. Showing up with a hot party platter with 4 lbs of pork spareribs and JoJo potatoes is the way to get the party rolling. Add a tray of chocolate dipped fresh strawberries and gourmet cookies and settle in for a long relaxed evening with friends.

Bella Vista Wine & Spirits

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Just down the street from Allen’s, Bella Vista Wine & Spirits sells a wide selection of wine, beer, and liquor.

They sell a range of craft beer and even a couple of regional wines. Their best selling beer is Yuengling Lager, brewed in Pennsylvania. Not local as we know it in this day of a microbrew around every corner, but it can’t be found west of the Mississippi.
If you’re from of one of the wilder 24/7 cities on the Coast , you would be wise to do some planning while in NWA. In addition to the usual ‘21, show id’ routine, liquor is not sold everywhere in Arkansas—and many counties are dry on Sundays. You can buy it here between 10-8, Mon. – Sat.

Crib Note: If you are more spur of the moment, a ten minute drive north will get you into Missouri and a virtual line on the highway of establishments who will sell you a brew on a Sunday.