How to turn traveling with a bike from pain to pleasant

Top Tips: Get a nice rack, stick your bike in a bag, or pop it in a box.

Nice racks.

High quality racks at decent prices are becoming the norm, so there is no excuse for securing your 3K rig to the rails with zip ties and a blanket. Whether you go roof, trunk, or hitch, do spend the extra coin for the locks and keys, or your trip to the Back 40 will end at the Motel 6.

  • Roof rack. Front wheel removal more stable and lower profile for SUVs. Still a no-go for parking garages.
  • Truck rack. Most affordable. Folds aways when not in use. Better then roof rack for gas milage. Less secure than hitch rack.
  • Hitch mounted rack. Most expensive option including the hitch mount. Easiest to load and lock. Better than roof rack for MPG.

Bike Packing

  • If possible, invest in a decent quality bike bag (less expensive bike box method covered below).
  • Travel by air, deflate the tires by 75%. Possibly deflate the suspension (check with manufacturer for details).
  • Remove rear derailleur. Afix to inner chainstays with zip tie.

Pack, ship, ride.

Bike Flights is a flexible shipping service that let’s you research rates, order a shipment, and print labels in just a few minutes. Partnered with FedEx, Bike Flights has very competitive rates, and can ship it from your home to a hotel or bike shop at your destination.