How to get to Bella Vista by plane, Uber, and automobile


Just follow the yellow brick road to OZ. Actually, the only road that pretends to not lead to Bella Vista is Google Advertising. By air, X marks the spot, XNA Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport. Don’t be fooled by Fayetteville/Springdale the location. That’s generic on-line description for the region, or NWA as the locals call it. XNA is 34 minutes from Bella Vista. As far as going home again—you could try the ruby slipper thing, but we bet you’ll want to stay.


North West Arkansas Regional Airport (XNA)

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The most direct way to get to Bella Vista is to fly into North West Arkansas Regional Airport (XNA) located just outside of Bentonville, AR. It will show up as Fayetteville. Bella Vista is a 30 minute Uber ride from the airport.
XNA is a great little user-friendly airport. Five major airlines offer 40 nonstop flights to and from 18 major cities and hubs throughout the nation making travel convenient, fast, and inexpensive from just about anywhere.
Fly Allegiant, American, Delta, United, or Frontier all boast service to XNA.

Uber / Lyft

You don’t have to rent a car to get there. If you’re good to travel around this scenic small town nestled in the Ozark Mountains on your own two wheels, hire a ride. Uber and Lyft are both readily available between the XNA and your Bella Vista vacation retreat. The 30 minutes ride is estimated to cost under $42—or choose the larger rides for up to six passengers, your bikes, and your gear for around $70. The flip side of lake-view sunsets, untold miles of woodland trail, and the green open space afforded by nine stellar golf courses, is that the city streets aren’t always a straight shot from point A to B. The roads do wend over and around the scenic terrain. So…when you need an off-trail ride to one of Bella Vistas’ eating establishments or to the market to restock the brew, Uber and Lyft have your back there too.

Car Rental

All major rental companies maintain full fleets at the airport. Business as usual. Bella Vista is a 30 minute drive.