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A&P Funding

Get Funding For Your Event

To apply for funding or support for your qualified event or project, please complete the form below, or download printable form here. Once a staff review has indicated compliance to our criteria, the application will be reviewed by the A & P Commissioners at a subsequent Commission meeting. A representative of the sponsoring organization for the event or project will be allowed time to make a brief presentation to the Commission and to respond to their questions. Due to limited resources, the Bella Vista A & P Commission cannot fund all events and projects, nor do they have the ability to fund most projects and/or events in their entirety.

The Bella Vista Advertising & Promotion Commission is funded by the Lodging and Restaurant tax. The primary mission of the group is to promote our community to out-of-town visitors who can stimulate the local economy by bringing and spending dollars into the City of Bella Vista.

Tourism funding Request