The Back 40 hiking and biking trails are still shiny and new in Bella Vista, after opening October 2016. These single-track trails through wooded areas offer options for every level rider. The loop includes an amazing hanging bridge cut into a rock bluff and another that spans the creek with a waterfall. 

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Back 40 Loop
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The outer loop of the Back 40 system is true cross-country singletrack trail that offers something for everyone, including bridges, bluffs, limestone rock gardens, lake views, meadows, a golf course crossing and sections through pine tree groves.

  • 21.4 Miles Singletrack

  • 1,637′ Ascent / -1,643′ Descent

  • 1,362′ High  / 993′ Low

  • 3% Avg Grade (2°) / 15% Max Grade (8°)

  • Difficulty: Intermediate

The northern part of this multi-section trail features short climbs and steep descents, with plentiful rollers and bermed switchbacks – a favorite among mountain bikers. The one-way downhill only section begins at York Drive (north to south), and is about a mile total, ending at the Lake Ann trailhead.

NOTE: One-way from York to Castleford, north to south – hikers beware of downhill bikers.

  • 2.17 Miles Singletrack

  • 222′ Ascent / -358′ Descent

  • 1,316′ High / 1,066′ Low

  • 4% Avg Grade (2°) / 13% Max Grade (8°)

  • Difficulty: Intermediate

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Pinyon Creek
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This trail connects the Back 40 Loop and the Ledges with varied terrain for everyone, minus steep or extended climbs or descents. Trail features include limestone slab, creek crossings, berms and switchback sections, with the opportunity to take a short detour to the top of Lake Brittany via the intersection with the Brittany Dam trail.

  • 2.08 Miles Singletrack

  • 133′ Ascent / -209′ Descent

  • 1,177′ High / 1,057′ Low

  • 3% Avg Grade (2°) / 24% Max Grade (14°)

  • Difficulty: Intermediate

This Back 40 Loop connector trail features an easy grade climb/descent on the eastern section and a sharper, long and steep grade on the western section, fro the fire station to the creek bed below.  The Metfield Skills park sits along the Rago trail, east of the fire station.

  • 2.96 Miles Singletrack

  • 172′ Ascent / -270′ Descent

  • 1,313′ High / 1,123′ Low

  • 3% Avg Grade (2°) / 8% Max Grade (5°)

  • Difficulty: Intermediate

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If traveled north to south, SBAT offers a long descent to the valley floor with flowing section so f trail, after a short climb across Hwy. 340 to Bedford Lane.

  • 2.33 Miles Singletrack

  • 197′ Ascent / -270′ Descent

  • 1,283′ High / 1,078′ Low

  • 4% Avg Grade (2°) / 13% Max Grade (7°)

  • Difficulty: Intermediate

This connector trail has mild ascents on both ends, with the shorter west end climb steeper than the more gradual east end incline.  The trail consists of a gravel base and rocky, loose soil in some sections. At the top, the trail exits the canopy and enters an open field, then enters the canopy again after about a mile traverse.

  • 1.71 Miles Singletrack

  • 192′ Ascent / -160′ Descent

  • 1,345′ High / 1,154′ Low

  • 4% Avg Grade (2°) / 7% Max Grade (4°)

  • Difficulty: Intermediate

Taylor Homestead
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The fun, flowy connector trail is geared more toward beginner levels, and offers a cutoff between the Back 40 Loop trail on the far east side of the system and the Rago trail. The section winds along Commonwealth road, and terminates on the west end at the Metfield Clubhouse.

  • 0.93 Miles Singletrack

  • Elevation Change: 94 ft.

  • Difficulty: Beginner

A trail offering a deep-woods feel with technical rock ledges and narrow spaces for about one mile between sections of gradual climbs and descents.

  • 2.94 Miles Singletrack

  • 304′ Ascent / -94′ Descent

  • 1,329′ High / 1,120′ Low

  • 3% Avg Grade (1°) / 12% Max Grade (7°)

  • Difficulty: Expert/Advanced

The Ledges
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One of the more technical sections in the Back 40 system, this trail consists of rugged rock sections, overhanging bluffs, and narrow, technical trail for about one-half mile. Watch your head as you duck to traverse beneath the overhanging limestone bluffs.

  • 0.35 Miles Singletrack

  • Elevation Change: 130 ft.

  • Difficulty: Expert/Advanced

Labeled difficult only for its steep grades, this trail features an up-one-side-down-the-other design from both directions, with the section north from the peak at Sandhurst Drive about twice as long as the section south. The section south of Sandhurst is especially steep, winding and narrow for a short distance.

  • 1.4 Miles Singletrack

  • 153′ Ascent / -139′ Descent

  • 1,228′ High / 1,087′ Low

  • 4% Avg Grade (2°) / 12% Max Grade (7°)

  • Difficulty: Expert/Advanced

Summit School
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What the Chuck
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Short – less than 500 feet – but rated difficult for gnarly technicality. This alternate trail, parallel to Pinyon Creek, follows a creek bed and is almost entirely rock surface.

  • 0.1 Miles Singletrack

  • Elevation Change: 45 ft.

  • Difficulty: Expert/Advanced

The Back 40

Little Sugar Trail System

Blowing Springs Park