Miles and miles of pure Arkansas singletrack

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Mountain Biking – enjoy the ride!

Adulting: The practice of behaving in a way characteristic of a responsible adult, especially the accomplishment of mundane but necessary tasks.

Every day you work hard, go to the office, the gym, whatever your daily grind might be – it’s time to stop. Stop. Adulting.

Today you have permission to act like a kid. Throw your cares away and let the Ozark Mountains take you to a different time.

Find adventure around every corner.

Blaze your own trail, ride along the ridge lines, be inspired by majestic waterfalls, feel your heart in your stomach as you take on the big drops and turns and experience the burn up the next grinder.

It’s time to be free.

Explore the miles and miles of singletrack trails with switchbacks, berms, generous climbs, deep dives, overlooks, bridges, waterfalls and more. These Northwest Arkansas mountain biking trails will take you away from your day to day and keep you wondering what is around the next turn.

Bella Vista provides the perfect playground for hiking and biking at all levels. Whichever trail you choose, be sure and stop along the way to take a selfie and enjoy the scenery.

Ready to Ride? Bella Vista Mountain Bike Trails are Scenic Thrills!

Looking for trails for beginners, intermediate or experienced mountain bikers? With more than 40 miles of trails to choose from, you’ll find that perfect fit! If you have questions, just talk to the locals and get the inside scoop!

With more than 40 miles of trails, Bella Vista is a mountain biker’s paradise.

Done trailblazing? Find your next adventure.

When you are done feeling like a kid on our trails, check out the things to do in our city. We have art, attractions and delicious food. Re-feul, then relax and kick back in a lakeside rental home.

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