Not one, but seven beautiful lakes

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Arkansas lakes are places to relax, rejuvenate and reflect.

Bella Vista offers something for all water lovers. With seven lakes, you can discover some of the finest fishing, boating and outdoor recreation in the area. Enjoy the natural beauty of northwest Arkansas on the water at one of the Bella Vista lakes.

Bella Vista Lakes - Bella Vista POA

Lake Ann

Completed in 1970, Lake Ann is Bella Vista’s second lake — 112 acres with a unique shoreline composition. Lake Ann features prominent limestone bluffs and rocky outcrops, just one of the unique features of the Ozark Mountain landscape. This spring-fed lake is a maximum depth of 53 feet and opens to the lake bed adjacent to a pavilion. The spring provides clear, cold water to that area.

Fishing in Lake Ann is well-balanced, providing largemouth bass and bluegill. Also, a favorite for local fisherman is crappie and redear sunfish angling. You must be a member to fish on Lake Ann; please click on the link below for more details.

Lake Ann also allows water-skiing, a boat ramp with a courtesy dock, a pavilion, fish cleaning station, picnic tables, a grill and restrooms. The Lake Ann dam includes a multi-use dock, a fishing-only dock, a fish cleaning station, an automatic fish-feeder, nighttime fishing lights and restrooms.

Lake Avalon

Bella Vista Lakes - Bella Vista POA

Bella Vista’s first lake, Lake Avalon was completed in 1968. The largest no-wake lake makes this a peaceful setting perfect for kayaking, paddle boarding or quiet fishing.

The .67 acres of the lake’s green-tinted water supports one of the largest fish populations in Bella Vista, second to Lake Windsor. There is a large number of Sunfish species in the lake, including large bluegill, redear sunfish, green sunfish and warmouth sunfish.

Lake Avalon amenities include annual leased shoreline mooring, a boat ramp with courtesy dock, a pavilion, horseshoe pits and restrooms. Lake Avalon’s dam includes a multi-use dock, three fishing piers, a heated fishing dock with a fish cleaning station, an automatic fish-feeder, nighttime fishing lights and restrooms.

Lake Brittany

Lake Brittany is one of two smallest lakes in Bella Vista. Despite its size, this lake offers a wide access road and plenty of parking at the dam. Another of Bella Vista’s no-wake lakes, this lake is perfect for quieter water sports and activities.

Lake Brittany yearly produces large bass, and some have been recorded larger than 10 pounds. The lake also provides one of the most significant populations of redear sunfish.

Lake Brittany is home to the associations first trout fishery. Stocking began in 2007 and now provides members with cold-weather fishing.

Lake Brittany dam amenities include a boat ramp with courtesy dock, two multi-use docks, a fish cleaning station and a restroom, with access to the Back 40 trails.

Lake Norwood

Completed in 1973, Lake Norwood is the second of the two smallest lakes in Bella Vista. Located at Town Center, Lake Norwood also is the most accessible lake, making it the most visited. The picnic tables are a favorite gathering location, allowing visitors to overlook the lake and enjoy scenery and warm weather.

The water of Lake Norwood provides a vast population of bass, bluegill, crappie and catfish. The no-wake status and rugged shoreline make Lake Norwood perfect for a peaceful, relaxing time, whether you prefer fishing, paddling or just sitting on the dock and enjoying the view.

Amenities at Lake Norwood’s dam include a boat ramp with a courtesy dock, a picnic area, two multi-use docks, a fish cleaning station and restrooms.

Lake Rayburn

Another quiet no-wake lake, Lake Rayburn was completed in 1973. The lake has an extremely high population of largemouth bass and a relatively high population of catfish. The lake includes a bluegill fishery, producing beautiful pan-sized fish.

Amenities at Lake Rayburn’s dam include a boat ramp with courtesy dock, two multi-use docks, picnic and bank-fishing areas.

Lake Windsor

The 220-acre Lake Windsor was completed in 1975, making it Bella Vista’s second largest lake. The lake offers fishing, skiing and other water sports. The lake is an angler-favorite, providing some of the areas best bass, bluegill, redear, catfish and crappie. Lake Windsor is also home to several of the area’s fishing tournaments.

Lake Windsor offers annual leased shoreline mooring and includes amenities at London Park, Windsor Park and Lake Windsor’s dam. London park offers a boat ramp with courtesy dock, a fish cleaning station, London Pavilion and restrooms. Lake Windsor’s dam offers a boat ramp with courtesy dock, two fishing piers and a restroom, as well as access to the Tanyard Creek trails. Amenities at Windsor Park include a fishing pier, shoreline bank-fishing, picnic tables and grills.

Loch Lomond

The largest and newest of Bella Vista lakes at 477 acres, Loch Lomond is a member favorite. With the most diverse recreational uses, you can find boating, skiing, fishing and other water activities.

There is a large amount of bass, bluegill, redear, crappie and catfish. This lake also hosts fishing tournaments and offers a very competitive experience for the anglers.

Loch Lomond features the only marina of the seven lakes, providing easy access to fuel and other needed supplies. Marina amenities include a covered fishing dock, a fish cleaning station, gas and bait sales, and boat rentals, plus the newly renovated Lakepoint restaurant and wine bar.

Granton, Tiree and Stoneykirk Park amenities include boat ramps with courtesy docks, fishing piers, picnic tables, grills and restrooms. The lake also offers boat rental at the Marina – call (479) 855-8182 for more details.

The most important things to remember are the rules of lake life: Smile, soak up the sun, nap often, enjoy the view, get in the water and relax!

For more information on how to access Bella Vista lakes, fishing and boating regulations and laws, visit the Bella Vista Property Owners Association.

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