Not one, but seven beautiful lakes

Seven lakes accent Bella Vista’s beautiful atmosphere. Come and experience the spectacular fishing, boating and lake activities in northwest Arkansas.

Relaxing accommodations are available along many Bella Vista lakes.  Although our lakes are private and restricted to the public, guest passes are available for visitors staying overnight at one of our many Airbnb locations.

Enjoy kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming and fishing in a place like no other.


Bella Vista Lakes

Lake Ann

The 112-acre lake features gorgeous limestone bluffs and rock outcroppings and boasts some of the best fishing in the area! Lake Ann offers recreational excitement as well with boat access, a pavilion (available for renting) and plenty of amenities.

Lake Ann is a privately-operated lake. For more information on this wonderful attraction please click on the link below for more details. (Insert property owners link)

Lake Avalon

Completed in 1968, Lake Avalon was the first lake established in Bella Vista. Perfect for paddle boarders, kayakers and kayak or bank fishing, this roughly one-half acre lake is designated a no wake lake, perfect for slower pace activities.

Lake Avalon has one of the two largest fish populations in Bella Vista, seconded only by Lake Windsor. Healthy populations of sunfish species inhabit the lake, including large bluegill, redear sunfish, green sunfish and warmouth sunfish. It’s the perfect lake for casual fishing or for the kids. Lake Avalon offers three fishing piers, a boat ramp for easy access and plenty of amenities.

Lake Brittany

Don’t let this little lake fool you, it is a true gem found in Bella Vista. Being one of the two smaller lakes, Lake Brittany produces large bass and trout. The lake is home to Bella Vista’s first trout fishery established in 2007.

Trout stocking of the lake makes this lake a premier spot for cold-weather fishing.

Lake Brittany’s amenities include a boat ramp, multi-use docks, and access to the Back 40 Trail system.

Lake Norwood

In 1973 Bella Vista opened the second of the two small lakes. Lake Norwood is located in the Town Center, making it the most accessible of the seven lakes. Since this lake is located in the town center, it is a no-wake lake, allowing for visitors to enjoy the scenic beauty Bella Vista offers.

Lake Norwood also allows fishing from its banks and docks. It is perfect for kayaking or fitting in a quick paddle. Bella Vista’s Lake Norwood is a great place to unwind and relax.

Lake Rayburn

Lake Rayburn opened in 1973, allowing visitors to take advantage of the high population of largemouth bass and catfish in the lake. You can access great fishing spots by paddling out on the lake or use one of the two multi-use docks.

There won’t be disruptions to your enjoyment here, as it is also a no-wake lake. Peaceful fishing for a bass or catfish is a great way to pass the time at this spectacular attraction.

Lake Windsor

Lake Windsor, the second largest lake in Bella Vista, was completed in 1975 with the addition of 220 acres of lake open to fishing, skiing, paddling and other water sports. Enjoy a number of activities in and around Lake Windsor as there are multiple parks and amenities for your enjoyment.

Anglers love Lake Windsor as it has provided some of the best bass, bluegill, catfish and crappie fishing in the area. Try your luck to catch that trophy fish you always wanted on Lake Windsor.

Loch Lomond

At 477 acres, Loch Lomond is a local favorite as it is the biggest lake of the seven with the most diverse list of uses. Go boating, fishing, paddling, do some skiing or just float and relax, this lake has everything.

Loch Lomond has the only marina of the seven lakes. Boat rentals, bait and fuel are all available at the marina. Call (479) 855-8182 for more details.

Visit the Lakepoint Restaurant and wine bar for a dining experience next to the beauty of the Ozarks.

For information on access to Bella Vista’s lakes visit the Bella Vista Property Owners Association.