Celebrate Independence Day 2021

Bella Vista, Northwest Arkansas

Saturday, July 3, 2021

The City of Bella Vista’s annual fireworks display will be held just after dark on Saturday, July 3 at the park below Loch Lomond dam on Glasgow Road.

The display is open to the public, and Bella Vista Police will be directing vehicles for parking starting at 5:30 p.m.

As always, those coming to the show and those living in the area should expect heavier traffic for the event, and more time should be allotted for travel. Parking is not allowed in the city streets rights-of-way, and drivers should obey all no parking signs in the area.

Fireworks Rules:

  • By city ordinance, fireworks are allowed to be set off from 6 p.m. to midnight July 3 through July 5 on private property with the property owner’s consent, if there is no active burn ban in the city.
  • No fireworks attached to a stick, such as bottle rockets, are allowed.
  • Use safety and common sense while discharging fireworks, be courteous and respectful to your neighbors and pick up all trash afterward.
  • Fireworks are allowed by state law to be sold in the city with proper city permitting from June 20 through July 11.

Why stay in Bella Vista for the Fireworks?

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Stay Close

Many vacation rentals are only minutes from Loch Lomond.

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Less Traffic

You'll have less traffic if you stay off the main highway.

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Easy to Book

Booking directly with Airbnb ensures a great experience.

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Staying in Bella Vista gave us more time.

Staying close to the fireworks gave my family more time to relax.

- David Leary

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Rentals w/ Lake Access

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