Tanyard Creek. Getting away is closer than you think.

FEELING TRAPPED. Let your stress float away with a long weekend in Bella Vista. Time to gather up the glossy brochures and tuck those ambitious plans for a trip to San Francisco and the fall grape crush and wine festival experience in Northern CA back in the drawer. It sounded like a good idea last […]

House hunting in Bella Vista, AR

By John Craig — Where Sugar Creek empties into Lake Bella Vista, there is a stand of trees lining the shore that provides nesting sites for a community of  Wood Ducks, aka “Painted Ducks.” In the early morning, Wood Ducks can be heard calling out to their mates as they move out to favorite areas to […]

Catching Magic: Photographing waterfalls in Bella Vista

“THE SLOWER YOU GO, THE SOFTER THE FLOW.” “The best waterfall pictures are taken in the soft light of dawn or dusk. The harsh mid-day light is not your friend. It will wash out the colors and contrasts that make waterfall photography so beautiful.” Dana Johnson Never underestimate the power of flowing water. There are […]

Cool places to stay for all occasions

Bella Vista Vacation Rentals Escape the Ordinary You can book your NWA biking experience as a string of challenging rides interspersed with a few nights under the ubiquitous and questionable bedspread, curtains drawn against lights in the parking lot, listening to heater noises or you could make your downtime as memorable as the trail. Google […]

How to get the most out of riding Arkansas single track

Top Tips: Balance speed, direct power, and plan corners. Seek balance, grasshopper. Yes. Everyone and their grandmother wants to go as fast as possible, otherwise you’d be playing bridge this weekend instead of tearing up the Back 40. But it is the proper yin yang between your power and braking that will give you the […]

How to turn traveling with a bike from pain to pleasant

Top Tips: Get a nice rack, stick your bike in a bag, or pop it in a box. Nice racks. High quality racks at decent prices are becoming the norm, so there is no excuse for securing your 3K rig to the rails with zip ties and a blanket. Whether you go roof, trunk, or […]

Top five tech features of Arkansas single track

Top Features: Machine-carved turns, things made of wood, singles, doubles, and gardens of rock. Berm-meister A far cry from the rain-ravaged fire roads of mountain bike ancient history, carefully sculpted well-maintained berms are the norm in Bella Vista. Most offer several lines for max speed or control. Mastering the berm is the heart and soul […]

How to avoid breaking body parts on Arkansas single track

Top Tips: Run tough tires, rent a full-suspension bike, and seriously consider a full-face helmet. Bella Vista will eat your tires for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you pay attention to only one thing in this entire guide, may it be this: Run tires with sidewall protection and a beefier tread than you are used to. The […]

Where to buy food and drink in Bella Vista

CLIFF NOTES Bella Vista has two full-service grocery stores where you will find fresh meat and produce—and beverages for stocking your weekend pantry, entertaining the crew, and fueling your saddlebags for the ride. Allen’s Food Market Get Directions | Call Now Allen’s has been Bella Vista’s neighborhood market for 20 years. It prides itself on making your […]

How to get to Bella Vista by plane, Uber, and automobile

CLIFF NOTES Just follow the yellow brick road to OZ. Actually, the only road that pretends to not lead to Bella Vista is Google Advertising. By air, X marks the spot, XNA Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport. Don’t be fooled by Fayetteville/Springdale the location. That’s generic on-line description for the region, or NWA as the locals […]